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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Day 5: Dude, are you blind?

Exodus 10:7

New Living Translation (NLT)
Moses & Aaron before Pharoah, by Benjamin West
Pharaoh’s officials now came to Pharaoh and appealed to him. “How long will you let this man hold us hostage? Let the men go to worship the Lord their God! Don’t you realize that Egypt lies in ruins?”

Moses and Aaron kept going to the Pharaoh, asking for the Israelites to be released to go worship God. Each time, Pharaoh refused, and God brought a plague upon the land. And with each plague, the king relented, and agreed to let them God if Moses would call God off. But Pharaoh was just so stubborn and hard of heart that as soon as God lifted each plague, he'd change his mind again.

So by now, the Egyptians had endured their water being turned to blood, they'd endured frogs, lice, and flies, they'd endured the death of all their livestock, nasty sores all over themselves and their animals, and a hail storm that had destroyed all the early harvest.

And now, they were facing yet another plague... locusts. We know them as grasshoppers. The grasshoppers were to destroy all remaining crops that were not yet ready for harvest... every blade of grass would be eaten, every piece of fruit, every leaf from every tree, nothing would be left.

Even Pharoah's servants could see that the king's stubborness was getting them into deeper and deeper trouble, and appealed to his better judgment... not that he had any, obviously, because he still refused, and more plagues came.

How often do we look at others who are so stubborn that they keep digging their own hole deeper? How many times do we want to tell someone we love "DUDE! Can't you see how you're making things worse?"

Better question... How many times have we been the stubborn fool, even when those around us tried to give us a reality check?


  1. Beautiful thought! And 100% reality ! :)

  2. thank you ricky! i'm excited to see someone comment! how'd you find my blog, if you don't mind me asking? (and i do hope you come back!)