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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Day 2: Duping The King

Genesis 20:2-3

New Living Translation (NLT)
Abraham introduced his wife, Sarah, by saying, “She is my sister.” So King Abimelech of Gerar sent for Sarah and had her brought to him at his palace.
But that night God came to Abimelech in a dream and told him, “You are a dead man, for that woman you have taken is already married!”

Genesis 26:5-10

New Living Translation (NLT)
Artist Raphael, circa 1518
I will do this because Abraham listened to me and obeyed all my requirements, commands, decrees, and instructions.” So Isaac stayed in Gerar.
When the men who lived there asked Isaac about his wife, Rebekah, he said, “She is my sister.” He was afraid to say, “She is my wife.” He thought, “They will kill me to get her, because she is so beautiful.”But some time later, Abimelech, king of the Philistines, looked out his window and saw Isaac caressing Rebekah.

In a way, i gotta feel sorry for poor King Abimelech. And I have to shake my head in wonder at Abraham and Isaac! Two generations in a line of very godly men having a moment, so completely lacking in trust, that they would take their lives out of God's capable hands and tell such a whopping lie to save their own skins.

I have to feel sorriest for the wives... Imagine being told by your husband that you have to pretend not to be married, knowing full well that you are likely to be taken in marriage by someone else! That very nearly happened with Sarah.

Fortunately, God was watching over them in spite of their stupidity. But God was pretty harsh with Abimelech, even though he never consummated the relationship with Sarah. I wonder then, if 50 or 60 years later, he ever made the connection between Isaac and his father, when Isaac told the same lie?

It's a mighty gracious God we serve, who is willing to forgive our stupidity and watch over us even when we take matters into our own hands. We don't usually get a glimpse into how far reaching our sin can be, and how it impacts others. We see it here, though. Because of the lie told to him, Abimelech's whole household was destined to come to an end. God had struck all the women barren. If Abimelech hadn't restored her to Abraham, that would have been the last we heard of him... and it would have been through no fault of his own. No intentional fault, anyway. 

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